VLOG Episode 4: Anti-Gun Internet Haters & 3-Gun Match Preparations
June 25, 2018
ETS Loaders Work With MP5 Mags
August 1, 2018

When Joe Farewell, Alysia, and I decided to share a VRBO together when shooting the 2018 Safariland Expedition Multigun Mike Voigt Memorial Match, we didn’t think anything eventful other than a great 3-gun match would come of it. Several things happened though that proved otherwise.

  1. Joe rented a car that somehow didn’t have a license plate or a registration. How a vice detective from Florida can pull that off, I have no idea.
  2. I manage to lock our keys into our car for the first time in my life as we are getting ready to leave for registration the morning of the first day of a match.

Yeah… things got interesting. Watch the latest episode of my ever-evolving VLOG series, and be entertained.


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