ETS Loaders Work With MP5 Mags
August 1, 2018
VLOG Episode 8: Local 3-Gun Fun
August 21, 2018

A few weeks ago, I was contacted via social media by a very polite writer by the name of Derek Frost. He wanted to interview me as a member of the HK Shooting Team. After he explained that he was in a different country, and normal channels of conversation were restricted, we settled on a non-real-time interview format. He sent me some questions, and I answered them as I found the time via camera on my phone and uploaded the complete set of answers to a private YouTube link for him to translate.

I’m not going to try to cover up the fact that it was fun. In the US if anyone states their opinions and love of HK, many non-HK-loving keyboard warriors try to knock them down with the (supposed to be offensive) title of “HK fanboy.” It was nice to speak to someone that shares my affinity for the company and the wonderful products they have produced over the last half-century.

I may at some point post an edited version of the video answers as they are easier to understand than the poor translation Google Translate gives when reading the article. However, I’m still proud of the interview, and I had to post it here for all who is interested to enjoy.

You can find the completed work here.

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