Vortex Sponsorship Announcement
February 1, 2017
How Well Does the HK VP40 Handle Recoil?
May 13, 2017

During SHOT Show last month, I was honored to participate in an interview on the 3-Gun Show Podcast with host Dave Hartman and co-guest Reuben Aleckson from Vortex Optics. The premise of the interview (more of a discussion really) was to address the perspective of both brand ambassadors and companies and expectations each party has for the other in a sponsorship relationship (particularly in the practical shooting sports). Reuben is my point of contact at Vortex Optics, and has a very pragmatic outlook on the type of relationship companies and shooters should have.

I came into the discussion representing the perspective of the shooter, and how I approach representing the companies I work with. Dave also drilled down and asked me all sorts of questions about my social media activities as it is no secret that I have a rather large following relative to many other 3-gunners.

Overall, it is an honor to be on this show that has opened up the world and community of 3-gun to me. I hope my contribution can help others progress in and grow this amazing sport.

Give Episode 113 a listen!

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